Lion Mary supports local Kids with generous practical donation

A batch of ten ICON ex-company laptops being prepared.

The last year has not been easy for any of us, but particularly for children who have either had to learn on line or in many cases because of the lack of expensive laptops or tablets have been completely isolated. Ade Jupe, a local Technical Support Specialist, felt he was in a position to help in a small way by refurbishing and updating unwanted laptops to donate to worthy local kids who were unable to afford their own. As the donated laptops started to come in Ade realised he couldn’t keep on top of the generous contributions on his own and recruited what has now become ‘Ade’s Computer Angels’.

Lion Mary had recently had her company laptop replaced and she thought that as many people in her organisation ICON may have also been updated there could be a stash of redundant computers being handed back to the her IT department. Following a phone conversation she was able to acquire ten second hand laptops for Ade and his team to work on.

Following the hand over we received this glowing testimonial from Ade’s Angels on Facebook.

If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause you can contact Ade’s group by messaging ‘Ade’s Computer Angels’ via Facebook or if you don’t do Facebook you can email them on: or get in touch with us at Eastleigh Lions on our website contact page.

Here is a little more about the initiative from their Facebook post.

Ade’s Computer Angels grew out of an idea at the start of the COVID lockdown in late 2020. The plan was to re-purpose a few old laptops Ade had and donate them to local families who were struggling for IT equipment to help with online schooling. It quickly became apparent that there was a huge demand for these re-purposed machines and people had old machines they were willing to donate. It is true to say the idea quickly snowballed and Ade was becoming swamped It was at this point a few of us stepped in to help and Ade’s Computer Angels (ACA) appeared. We initially set out to provide equipment to families who have children attending schools in Chandler’s Ford and the surrounding area that are struggling to provide equipment for them.

Donations – Equipment. Ideally we are looking for laptops with a Windows operating system that is Windows 7 or newer. Sadly machines designed to operate earlier versions of Windows are unlikely to be able to run Windows 10, which is what we install on re-purposed machines. We also ask that you retrieve any documents or photos on the machine before donating it as we will wipe everything that is on it. We are also interested in spare keyboards, screens etc.Once you are ready to donate your laptop or ancillaries please leave a message on here or contact the Admin team and one of us will PM you to arrange bringing the equipment in.

Donations – Financial. We have a Go Fund Me page for those of you who would like to make a financial donation and the link to that is…The monies raised are used to cover fees that we need to pay and the purchase of equipment – cables, power units and so on. Are you interested in one of our machines? We have found there are many families in our area that are struggling to provide IT equipment for their childrens education especially as school have switched to providing online lessons. As machines become available for allocation Ade will post details on our page and we simply ask that you comment on the thread as they become available. We will then contact you to discuss your situation to check eligibilty and ensure these laptops are reaching the right people. To those who have already made a donation or shared kind words about this project we would like to extend to you all our heartfelt thanks along with the thanks of those who have benefited from our communities generosity.Love Ade and the Team (Polly, Niki, Jordan and John)