Lions on the prowl to raise money for good causes

Sunday, 28th March saw Eastleigh Lions giving up their comfortable sofas and heading out to challenge themselves on what was a grey but dry day. Apart from the windy conditions it was ideal for completing their sponsored walk, run or cycling targets to raise money for the Lions good causes.

Lion Devan came up with the idea of a few Lions doing a socially distanced fund raiser on the site of the old Fleming Park golf course. But it was, after discussion, felt that this should be something that all the Lions should be given a chance to take part in. Since large events are not an option at the moment it was planned that the Lions wishing to take part should do their own particular thing at about the same time but in different places.

Not everybody felt they could take part but about half of the membership got their trainers on and made it out and did their bit. One Lion had a legitimate excuse, having ended up in hospital after a nasty fall although she is determined to complete her challenge once she is fully recovered.

If you would like to help us please donate to our virgin giving page, or speak to one of the Eastleigh Lions and ask to fill in a line on their sponsorship form..