Meal Casually Taken at the White Horse

Every year Eastleigh Lion’s gather for a meal together to celebrate the formation of the club back in 1964. In earlier times this was a very formal event with honoured guests, a black tie dress code and an assortment of speeches from the various committee chairs and the president.

This year’s event was considerably more casual, although some of the normally trousered ladies were sporting dresses and skirts for the occasion. The venue chosen was the White Horse in Ampfield who were helped getting the right meals to the right people by Sandra who held the master order sheet and was able to remind the forgetful members what they had pre-ordered some time ago. Thanks also to Sandra for handling the prepayments which made the settling up at the end of the evening less of a drama.

President Eric did do a reluctant speech at the end of the evening which he concluded with one of his humourous stories, which resulted in the usual groans all round. All in all a very pleasant and fun evening was enjoyed by everybody, apart from the three unable to attend due to illness.