A very ‘entente cordiale’ zoom

Seven Eastleigh lions accepted the invitation from our Comrades in Rouen. British inhibitions brushed aside, we all attempted to communicate en francais….some more successfully than others. 

On their part, we met veteran Lions like Michel the organiser, and Coralie, very much a newbie, happily with excellent English. Lots of laughter on both sides grappling with vocal and technical communications.

We hope to find a way of working together this year, with a glimmer of hope for a real reunion, which is looking less likely, as their vaccine program is way behind ours.  Rouen is the capital town of the Normandy region, which has reminded me I did a project on Normandy back in the day I went to evening classes at Thornden. I will have to dig that out of the garage!

Please join us next time if you fancy it, which will be in June when we might have more info on foreign travel.

Au revoir  Ursula