Back to Zoom for October

Well, the rise of Covid19 infections and the ‘rule of six’ has brought us all back to earth, except perhaps for Devan who seemed to be ‘out of this world’!

We managed to get eighteen Eastleigh Lions members together on our Friday monthly meeting on Zoom. Mostly it went very smoothly, we are getting quite good at it, despite a couple of months off when we met in person at the Railway Institute instead.

We are struggling to put together much in the way of fund raising events but we are still working on keeping the Eastleigh Lions in the limelight with a busy weekend manning the Pop-Up shop and Hi-Vis litter picking in Eastleigh.

This weekend Eastleigh Lions are joining forces with Age Concern to hand out goody packs to locals as part of the National Day for Older People, Silver Sunday.

Also on the agenda, was seeking the members approval for the newly written constitution changing our clubs’ status to CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation).This suits smaller charities and although we are part of a huge international club we operate our charitable finances at a local level. This was passed unanimously at the meeting.

The wine draw was won by Eric despite his absence from the meeting, one day we will drag him screaming into the 21st century! Tail Twister, the late Jonathan Tapscott, levied fines liberally at the end of the meeting including for Devan’s ‘naked car’, Sally’s mislaid badge, Dave’s reference to Eastleigh Borough Council’s ‘fake news’ and significantly to himself for being late at the litter pick and logging in to tonight’s meeting.