Busy Lions Have a Full Day

Lion Cliff checking temperatures on arrival at the PSA event

Saturday 20th November had the feel of multiple London Buses when three events all came along at once! We were concerned we might be stretching ourselves a bit thin but a good number of Lions stepped up to the plate to take on the logistical exercise. Having set up the day before in the Flourish Charity Shop the Lions were on hand to facilitate the PSA testing event for which 250 men had signed up to give a blood sample. This would be sent off to flag up early signs of prostate cancer. An email I received after, praised us for a really slick operation and indeed between the Lions, the PCaSo volunteers and the phlebotomists, the men coming for the test barely got a chance to sit down.

Lions Ursula and Mary amongst the fluffy toys in Market St.

At the same time as this was going on, a short distance away in Market Street another Lions team were raising money for good causes in our Teddy Tombola Gazebo as part of the Eastleigh Christmas Lights Switch On Event, joining many other stallholders taking over the centre of Eastleigh. The shoppers of Eastleigh must have been feeling very generous, maybe entering into the festive spirit, as we managed to raise well over £100.

Lasers, lights, fireworks and music launch the Eastleigh Christmas lights switchon.

With just enough time to pack away all the PSA Swan Centre equipment and the Teddy Stall we were straight on to our next commitment marshalling the crowds attending the actual switch on of the lights centred on the town’s bandstand. After the music provided by Panatical, the Crestwood Steel Band the stand was taken by the Eastleigh Mayor and an appearance of Father Christmas. At six o’clock as the Christmas lights were switched on, the crowd were treated to a spectacular blend of lasers, pyrotechnics and fireworks with accompaccompanying music.

A total twelve Lions and partners ready for a meal.

After what was by now a long day the hard working Lions reconvened at the EVI Artisan Bakehouse for a well earned meal and a drink or two. We had good reason to be proud of ourselves that this logistical exercise worked like clockwork and we were able, through the efforts of willing volunteers, to acheive so much in just one day.