Cash for Kids Bonus Thank You

Good afternoon Anne

Thank you for helping us with our emergency appeal, earlier in the year.

You have helped us to support over 2,000 children in the south and we are still continuing to help families in the south.

  • Thank you for helping us to buy basic essentials including food, nappies, toys, books during lock-down for families that had very little to start with.
  • Thank you for helping young carers who are looking after their parents or siblings during lock-down whilst self-isolating – your money bought them what they needed at a time when they needed it most.
  • Thank you for helping the family that had no money and no books for their children – you gave them books to help with their child’s education.
  • Thank you for donating money that helped a charity take children with cancer to have treatment at hospital because they were unable to take public transport or private taxis due to Covid 19.
  • And these are just a few examples – you have helped so many more.

Please find attached a PDF – feel free to print and pin up in your home or place of work.

wave 105 appeal

You are amazing and the support you have shown our charity and more importantly the children go on to help is wonderful.

Also, we have just created a new Wave 105 Cash for Kids Facebook page which went live this morning.

If you are a Facebook user, please help us to grow the charity by liking the page.

Thank you so much and have a good week.

Kind regards

c4k sig

Samantha Tanner
Charity Manager, Wave 105 Cash for Kids