Christmas underway with Santa’s arrival at Brambridge.

This year saw an almost full bus with Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers and Cubs and we suspect Santa was having second thoughts about moving away from his adoring fans. Many thanks to Illia for sorting out the details and getting the children on board, as well as wrapping up 50 bags of sweets which included such seasonal tasties as Snowman Poop

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Santa this year, in the company of a bus full of Rainbows, Beavers, Brownies and Cubs from Colden Common, made a spectacular entrance to the garden centre (well, if the gate had been open…). After having a chat and having his photo taken with most of the children, they all popped round the corner from the Community Centre and caught the Vintage AEC bus (waiting patiently at the bus stop, where else?)
The bus was kindly provided by Southampton & District Transport Heritage Trust.
Also there to greet them was Eric the Lion who was struggling to get his head round things (it seems something had come loose). After a short safety briefing (please remain seated at all times) they were off on a 10 minute cruise through the lanes and on to the Garden Centre. Much singing, laughing and general enjoyment was had by all (don’t forget 95% of them travel everywhere by car these days) and they were all treated to a bag of sweets which included such delights as Snowman poop!
Upon arrival they disembarked (I’m told by Wayne that is the correct term for getting off a bus) with broad grins and their sweetie bags, and most of them went to see the grotto for themselves. Some of them even booked to have a personal session with the bearded man in red!