Evicted Ducks End Up Behind Bars

When we discovered that our racing ducks’ residency in the One Community Shop in the Swan Centre was due to come to an end, Lion Dave put out an appeal on social media to find a new home for them. Our knights in shining armour came along in the form of the Wessex Bike Hub in Chandler’s Ford, who offered some space in their shop basement.

Long time residents of Chandler’s Ford may remember that the Bike Hub is on the site of the original Lloyds Bank. This means that the ducks’ new home is in what was once the bank vault! Consequently the bars and even the original safe are still in place so our ducks couldn’t be more secure. As the bars are so close together, even a duck wouldn’t be able to sqeeze through.

Dave masterminded the military operation to relocate the ducks and within an hour the team of volunteers had them safely locked up behind bars. We have to say a huge thanks to Emily and the Wessex Bike Hub for their generosity and hope they will keep them in bread and water until they are allowed out next August Bank Holiday for good behaviour.