Friday Meeting welcomes District Governor

At our Friday night gathering we were pleased to welcome, as an honoured guest, Brian Donovan the 105SC Lion’s District Governor.  As restrictions have become less stringent he has been able to get out and about to meet up in person with many of the clubs in the district rather than having to appear in one of the ‘Celebrity Squares’ boxes on a Zoom meeting. He said “It’s great to come round and visit people in the flesh after 18 months of looking at people in lots of little boxes.”

Towards the end of the meeting Lion Brian presented Lion President Mark Campbell with a spotlight Lion’s pin badge and Lion Mark in return presented an Eastleigh Lions pennant to the DG as a reminder of his visit.

There was a tinge of sadness as we bade farewell to two longstanding club members who were moving away from the area. Lion Chris Shehan attended his last meeting with us this evening having moved to Ringwood. Lion Phil Spearey was moving to Derbyshire to be nearer to his family. He was presented with a token of our appreciation for his long service with the Lions and the Eastleigh community. As active and engaged members of our club they will be sorely missed and we wish them every happiness in their new lives.