Friday Zoom Meeting breaks record

At 7:40 Eastleigh Lions settled down in front of their computers for their monthly members meeting. At my computer, I was clicking away admitting members in from the virtual ‘waiting room’. The thumbnail screens of attendees getting smaller as more and more joined the group. Making up for last month’s late arrival Jon was first in line to appear!

As President Mark hit the gavel to open the meeting we had 17 heads in place. At this stage, I was on the phone to Sandra and Bernard who were having problems with their laptop which they weren’t able to resolve till almost the end of the evening. Well done for their perseverance and we were pleased to see them if only for a short time.

Joining us for the first time was Jim Clarke, who is planning to become our latest new member. A warm welcome from all of us. Devan suggested that he is hoping Jim will be inducted at our January meeting. Shortly after we were joined by Sally and Dave bringing us up to 19 participants. By the time Sandra and Bernard had joined we hit the total of 21 which I believe is our best attendance yet for a virtual meeting.

Ursula won the wine draw and many errant Lions were fined for a mixture of trivial offences! The evening closed with a virtual firework display.