Lions Party in Eastleigh

Gin Evening.
A few Lion Members attended the Winter Gin Festival at The Point. There were various flavours which elicited mixed reactions. Some times the Gin makers try to be too adventurous! The evening included live music from Cinnamon Jazz.

Christmas meal.
Lions Members and guests attended the annual Christmas dinner which this year was held at Artisan’s restaurant. We enjoyed a running buffet through out the evening, the food kept coming. The waiters were introduced to an old English party game., ‘pass the parcel’. Clearly doesn’t happen in Turkey! The evening was rounded off with a quiz,, as you do at Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Eric.

And from Dave…

After many false starts, difficulties with accommodation and members taking extra care, over 20 members and partners gathered at Hasan’s Artisan Meze and Wine Bar for a celebratory meal on Sunday  12th December.  Most arrived by the 7.00 start, and almost immediately got stuck in to  a succession of dishes, most of which had at least a hint of Turkish cuisine about them.  In fact, the food was arriving almost faster than the Lions could devour each dish!.  

Part way through the festivities, Lion President Mark (to give him his full title)  called our attention to the fact that Lion Cliff had decided after 10 years or more of Lionism (and Treasuring) that he wanted to some other things, although, if called upon, he would try to be available as a friend of Lions, to assist with events and other activities.  Cliff and his wife Sheila, were thanked for their help and service to the community, especially as they provided useful pairs of hands, and brains, for most occasions.  Cliff managed the change from a Charitable Trust to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation to more easily comply with both our own ethos and the Tax system! Cliff was presented with a Cotwold Outdoor Voucher as one of his other interests is walking.  

Once suitably full, Lion Eric decided to return us to our childhood and simultaneously educate the Turkish Chef (Hasan’s son?) on how to play Pass the Parcel!    With various stops along the way and “forfeits” to accompany small gifts as each layer was unwrapped, we were treated to songs, poems, anecdotes and other miscellany before Wendy Shehan unwrapped the last layer to reveal a box of Truffles…..not just any truffles….

Around about 10.00 Lion Eric thanked Hasan and his team for the meal and hospitality and the party began to break as some members had work to attend on the following day (the party being on a Sunday) and after Christmas wishes and goodbyes, we all departed full of Christmas Cheer!