Lions Popping Up With a Flourish in The Swan Centre

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On Saturday 26th September the Eastleigh Lions in conjunction with Flourish and One Community set up and manned a Pop-Up Shop in the Swan Centre in Eastleigh. This was a free facility which enabled us to promote the work of Eastleigh Lions and specifically to give away free Message in A Bottle packs to passing shoppers and people who had specifically come to visit our shop to collect a bottle. A rolling team of Lions were on hand to explain how the M.I.A.B scheme works and how the possesion of one of these bottles could be a life saver.

Obviously given the nature of potential visitors to our shop we made sure that all the Covid19 safety measures were in place including a non touch thermometer, hand gel, facemasks and appropriate distancing. During the course of the day we gave away over 100 M.I.A.B packs and think we may have encouraged at least one member of the public to join Lions. A huge thank you to One Community and Flourish for allowing us to make use of the facilities. And of course a big thank you to the Lions who gave their time to come and man the shop.

Since engaging with the M.I.A.B scheme in 2003 Eastleigh Lions have handed out over 27,000 bottles to vulnerable members of the community in Eastleigh and Winchester.