Lions Zoom into the 21st Century

Zoom meeting collage

Following on from last month’s WhatsApp meeting and feeling bolder, the Eastleigh Lions meeting went on line again, but this time using the video conferencing application Zoom. We had hoped to involve 21 of our 25 members in the meeting but on the night we managed to link up with 17 with one having to leave before the end. However, given how out of their depth a few felt that was a good effort.

The evening was chaired by Vice Chairman Lion Mark who ran the show very efficiently managing to wrap up proceedings three minutes before the allotted 40 minutes expired. Lion Chris proposed the uncontested nominations for the next year which were accepted unanimously by a show of hands.  The meeting concluded with the traditional wine draw which this time was won by Ursula who was taking minutes as the incoming secretary.

It was great to see Lions Bernard and Sandra were able to join us thanks to the wonders of technology, having not been able to come to the normal meeting in the Point for a while due to ill health. It was nice to be able to connect with members and join in a drink together even if remotely and the meeting was considered a good morale booster.