Medic Alert Scam details..

You should feel confident about communicating with MedicAlert. We know, however, that sometimes it can be hard to spot the good guys versus the bad guys, so the following may help you know when it is us you’re talking to!

1) Any letters we send to you by post will be printed with the company letterhead;
2) All centralised email communications will come from our main email addresses ( or;
3) If we call you, we will start the call with a security check that allows us to verify who you are and part of this involves asking you to confirm specific details you provided when you became a member. It will also allow you to determine the legitimacy of our call because you will expect only us to have that specific set of information, followed by the reason we are calling.
4)If we call you and you are unsure that you are really talking to MedicAlert, just let us know you’d like to terminate the call. You can then call us back using the phone number printed on any documentation we’ve sent you or on the website. Your security and reassurance is a key priority in our approach to digital security