Meeting is virtually successful

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Eighteen (nineteen if you count the occasional appearance of Mary’s cat)  out of the 25 members were able to join us for a very productive and lively virtual Zoom meeting. There was a lot to discuss, particularly with respect to the handling of our limited funds pool. All of our planned fund raising events have gone by the wayside with the current restrictions, so care is needed to make best use of what we have.

There was such a full agenda that we ran over into a second meeting to finish off our business. Despite using remote technology we were still able to include traditional elements of our more normal physical meeting. Richard and Anne hosted the Club Draw and Tail Twister Jon pointed out misdemeanours and handed out fines however, these and the payment for draw tokens will have collected once we get together in the Point again.

Next month’s meeting may well have to be on Zoom again although some members optimistically predicted a possible return to normal by then.