No Point For The Virtual Meeting

whatsApp meeting2

The first Friday of the month is a date in the Eastleigh Lions Diary when we all get together at the Point to exchange plans and ideas, but not this Friday in April! As we have all been told to stay at home we had to find an alternative way to meet up with fellow members. Dave Bowring had some time ago set up a chat group on WhatsApp and it seemed like if we could get a few more people to sign up for WhatsApp we could have a virtual meeting from our own homes.

On the night we had 18 of the 25 members taking part with some business and a smattering of the usual Lions humour for a very different evening. Members (or at least some of them) put on their badges and poured a beer or similar whilst frantically typing their reports to share.

At the end of the meeting was the traditional wine draw by Anne which was won by Lion Vice President Mark who had been chairing the meeting and attempting to control the chaos. Not quite the same as a conventional evening but fun and fairly productive under the circumstances.