Run, Walk or Bike: Lions Do Their Bit, Together but Apart.

At the end of this month Eastleigh Lions are getting out and about to do a virtual challenge to raise money for their community fund. All the Lions are planning to individually do walks, runs or cycling challenges that will collectively add up to a marathon achievement.

In these difficult times fund raising events have had to be put on hold, but despite that, requests for help have still been coming in. For the Lions to continue to support these appeals we need to be ever more ingenious in our fundraising projects. Whilst it would have been great to do something together as an organisation, what we plan to do is to all be doing things at the same time but in different places.

For some of our members this will be no mean feat as strenuous exercise is not something that comes naturally to our less youthful Lions. But the fact that every one of us have pledged to doing something is a sign of the conscientious commitment to helping many local charities and individuals in our local community.

If you would like to help us please donate to our virgin giving page, or speak to one of the Eastleigh Lions and ask to fill in a line on their sponsorship form..