Traveller Tim’s Home ‘Booked’ for School’s Out

Eastleigh Lions were extremely fortunate to be gifted a beautifully hand built caravan by talented woodworker Roy Young. He has had a lifelong interest in the Romany way of life and has written a book on the subject ‘The Adventures Of Traveller Tim’.

After a lot of work preparing a trailer to transport the caravan to site, the half scale replica Romany Caravan was treated to its first public outing at the Pavilion on the Park ‘School’s Out’ event. Many thanks to Lion Dave’s friend Paul who provided the vehicle to tow it.

There was a children’s book themed trail which gave us the idea of how our caravan might fit with the theme. Fans of Roald Dahl will remember that Danny lived in a gypsy caravan with his father in ‘Danny Champion of the World’.  

To add to the appeal we displayed our ‘headless’ Romany children for parents to use for photo opportunities featuring their children with the caravan as the backdrop.

Also on our stall, we used the occasion to promote our forthcoming Annual Duck Race and sell a few tickets. Younger children were able to try their skill at hooking a duck.

There was a good turnout of people at the event, although there may have been even more had it not coincided with the Mela festival, also in Eastleigh. Some Lions also helped at the Mela as well as having a stall at the School’s Out, so it was a busy day.