Young Leaders In Service Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our ‘Young Leaders in Service’. Please complete this registration form and download the Logbook, in which to record your 12 months of service, to start immediately. Young Leaders are people who love volunteering and helping others.

At the end of 12 months service to your community you will be awarded either:

a Bronze Award for completing 25 – 49 hours,

a Silver Award for completing 50 – 99 hours or

a Gold Award for 100 hours or more.

You can take part in different types of volunteering and all the hours you complete should be entered into your logbook and signed to confirm that you took part.

These categories are:

Environment, Literacy and Education, Help children, Help family and friends, Public health, Disaster relief, Help elderly people, Safety, Community Improvement, Helping homeless or hungry people, or any other service activities of your choice.

Personal details:

By clicking the button I confirm that the above information is accurate and that I wish to become a Lions Young Leader in Service.